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Best Birthday Party Themes


Birthdays are important for everyone and it’s great when a theme is to be followed for the party. Be it Halloween or your favorite star’s costume you ought to enjoy it when you are dressed as your favorite and the fun increases even more with the similar decoration and cakes. So here we present a list of birthday party themes which you can select for the party at your home.  Here are some great Birthday wishes for sister and more.

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  1. Camping Birthday party: a camping birthday party thing is important for kids of tender age. Get ready with the camping gear and stimulate the child in you and start the backyard party.
  2. Scientists party: is your child a geek and is damn studious? Is he like the research scientist? If yes you can carry the birthday party in the form of researchers. You can easily transform your home into a research lab and the theme would be scientists mad party.
  3. Barbie’s party: For the girls their dolls are the most important entity and hence carrying a Barbie party is the best theme you can think of with the girls getting ready as different forms of Barbie. So get twirly and engaged in the fairy tales.
  4. Football club: While the boys are always interested in sports and stuff, football is the most sought after sports among boys. So what about getting into a football club with boys dressed as Messi and Neymar and eating that chocolate filled cake.
  5. Mask party: a mask party is a like a trend followed since years. Try making the masks at home according to children’s choice and make varied type of designs and in different colors.
  6. Cartoon world: with cartoons being children’s favorite it is just the perfect theme for children of every age. You can make a cake same as your child’s favorite cartoon and make the decorations accordingly.
  7. Hollywood: while cartoons remain everyone’s favorite, Hollywood actors and actresses are no less and there’s no person who must not be having an idol. So you can keep the theme as Hollywood and can make similar decorations as that in films and shows.
  8. Color codings: you can probably decide on the favorite color and keep the theme accordingly with the decorations keeping in mind the things from that color. You can also try a combination of two or three colors.
  9. Tattoo party: so this seems to be a strange one but definitely a perfect one where people can get ready according to their wish and will and once they arrive in the party they can get their respective tattoos based on various themes from the tattoo artists.
  10. Back to school: while we have passed our elementary classes what we miss the most is our school days and the pranks we use to play. So the best theme you can choose to get back to life is back to school with people dressed as kids and teachers in those plates and top knots.

Best Gifts for Best Friends

Best Gifts for Best Friends

Best friends are like your soul mates that behave like your siblings and are always with you in your good and bad days. She is your ultimate stylist and your stupid, jerky mate. He might not listen to you all the time but is always there to help you in your decent prank games. So your BFFs are everything to you, from chatting in the morning to sharing the same plate while dining you both stay together like a couple and so when it is your best friend’s birthday you ought to give the best gift possible. So here’s a list of gifts that will surprise your best friend and will make them love you more than ever before. The list surely represents a costly affair but then your friend is everything for you.


  1. Concert tickets: your friend is like you and that’s why you are supposed to be best friends, so why turn up for a concert. Concert tickets serve as the best gift ever. Stand up on the lyrics because he apparently knows the each and every song written by his favorite band with each and every word on his lips.


  1. Apron and gloves for the chef: if your best friend is a good cook and loves cooking then gifting an apron and a beautiful set of oven gloves is the best idea. The gift will make the girl happy because you need to be beautiful while cooking good food. You can seemingly find them anywhere as a set and also in individual in beautiful colors and designs. So this probably is the best idea of all.


  1. Beauty kit: So is your friend a fashionista? If your best friend is a beauty and she is all obsessed with makeup and stuff and professional makeup accessories then gifting a professional makeup it with all the items is the best idea. The kit must have a laminating variety of cosmetic items listing from eye to chin. She will probably hug you tight for this one.


  1. Polaroid camera: for a pretentious friend a Polaroid camera is supposedly the best gift you can ever give. Might cost you a bit more than your budget but you can choose from a variety of brands and colors. Also because your friend is a perfect photogenic a camera is the best gift you can think of. This way, you will have another time for purposed celebration and beautiful pictures.
  2. Subscription to streaming media: Since streaming telly has become a trend in the recent past the best gift for your streamy friend would be a subscription to Netflix or maybe Huluplus. Their constant love for the television shows will surely make them you’re your valuable gift. With a year’s subscription this will make them jump on the bed and kiss you hard. This will definitely make him love you more than ever before and you can probably sit by his side on the couch enjoying it along.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are special occasions on which exchange of gifts is more important than exchange of wishes. So the gifts you present has to be the best and so we are here to present a list of few gift items you can gift to your near and dear ones.

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  1. DIY: try gifting your friend a handmade gift, a gift you have made yourself. All you have to do is sit down for a hour and devote it entirely to your friend. you can make a locket with yours and your friend’s picture or you can even make a candle with the initials of your friends name on the top and many other do it yourself gifts.
  2. Travel book: if your friend is an avid traveler then you can gift an empty scrap book and can decorate the front page yourself giving it an adventurous look. Try graffiti on every page with different colors so as to give the pages and the book a whole new look. This will surely make him happy and ask him to fill in the logs with every new visit.
  3. Nail gift: gift your bestie a set of several nail polish colors, and nail filers and nail accessories. Select colors which will complement her skin tone and her favorite colors.
  4. Money Balloons: if you are not able to figure out the gift for your dear ones the put notes in form of rolls and put it in the balloons and tie them with beautiful ribbons and strings. This is probably the best gift.
  5. Clothes: if the birthday person is very close to you and you are aware of their fashion sense and wardrobe then you can try your hand at gifting them clothes. A pair of shorts will surely be a good choice. Try using a common color which you often see the person wearing.
  6. Jewelry set: Gift junk jewelry to the birthday person. Jewelry is supposed to be the best gift of all because it can easily be worn with any kind of clothes and usually with any color. Try buying earrings which are appealing and big in size and don’t forget to take care of the person’s choices and facial construction.
  7. Totes: for a women a tote bag is the best thing possible because they can be easily carried anywhere and are available in varied sizes and colors with beautiful designs. Check out some Wishes For Friends.
  8. Laptop skin: a laptop skin is probably a very necessary gift which you can order online or can get on any store with an array of beautiful designs and colors. It will surely be a good gift to be gifted because it can be used in daily life.
  9. Cookery book: for your chef friend a cookery book is a good gift which will surely help your friend to enhance her cooking skills.
  10. Personalized mobile cases: a personalized mobile case is the best gift one can offer with personalized pictures. They seem to offer no choice except for the selection of pictures but are the best of all.

How To Surprise Your Mom On Birthday

It’s your mom’s birthday and its celebration time. So everyone love surprises and hence it should be a surprise day for your mum as well. Here are some surprises you can give to your mom and make her happy on her special occasion.

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  1. Surprise surprise: Everyone loves surprises and when it is about surprises round the clock it’s nothing but ultimate fun. So surprise your mother by gifting her presents every hour or in every two hours or gifts equal to her age. She will surely love the gifts.
  2. Parlor appointment: surprise her with a parlor appointment with all the services. You can also book it for home services and that surely would be an elegant surprise for her.
  3. A surprise party: plan a surprise party for her with her girlfriends and plan everything according to your mom’s favorites. Send her somewhere and do the required preparations from behind and once she is back pop the heads with a loud noise.
  4. Plan a movie night: plan an evening with your family full of movies and food. Don’t let your mother cook the food and ask her to just sit back relaxing and enjoying the event. Ensure the movies are your mother’s favorite.
  5. Start cooking: surprise her by wishing her happy birthday in the morning with a homemade cake and ask her to just relax and stay at calm and peace for the whole day without any activities and you become the chef for the day. Cook her favorite recipes and make her the best drink.
  6. Shopping: plan a day out with your mom, a day full of shopping. You can by this time also gift her a gift card so that she can buy her favorite stuff.
  7. Balloon slide down: decorate your lobby or a room full of air balloons and let them roam in the room. Put the cake in the centre of the room and shout out loud ‘Happy Birthday.’ Try selecting vivid and bright colors with messages written on them.
  8. Card Day: Make her several cards and keep them where she visits most like in the kitchen or her cupboard. Write beautiful messages on them along with a picture of you both. Try making small cards which are bright and beautiful so that they are at least visible to your mom.
  9. Documentary: make a documentary or a video for your mum and show it to her while she is busy so that the effect of her surprise is sudden and enhanced. Include pictures from her childhood to the present day and put in a beautiful song along with messages from the whole family. It is surely going to make her emotional and happy.
  10. Collage: make her a picture collage with all your pictures with your mom in the centre and several other family pictures around the main photos. Put on black and white photographs and in between include colored pictures to enhance the effect. Here are some funny Birthday wishes for your mom.

What Are The Must Haves Of Any Birthday Party

Birthday Must Haves

Is it your child’s birthday party? Don’t know how to prepare? Searching for party essential? No worries we are here to let all your worries brush away with some of the most important party must haves and some tips. So before you jot down the list of your birthday parties try a hand at the following list. Here are some Awesome Birthday Wishes for the birthday pal.

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  1. Cake: a cake is surely a must have without which a birthday is no longer a birthday. So get the best birthday cake for your kiddie and elevate it to the next level with different designs and different flavors. Try indulging the kid’s favorite cartoon or toy or his/ her most favorite thing as the cake’s main design.You can also go on for a sweet table with the presence of different types of cakes, muffins and a few homemade drinks as well.
  1. Decorations: the decorations include the most important aspect of a birthday party. Balloons, party poppers, strings and big mainstream balloons. Transform the main area of the house into a beautiful kid’s corner so as to bring that extravaganza effect in your party. Don’t forget to add a table cover to prevent the table top from the spill of food and drinks. Try matching the colors of the walls with the party banners and keep everything glittery and pop like. You can even try your hand at a costume based party.
  2. Pictures and flicks: the most important aspect of today’s generation is that they are highly photogenic and aim at getting the best picture possible. So while you are busy in planning the birthday don’t forget to put your camera on charging. Try creating a photo booth with some mannequins or posters of cartoons, players or superheroes, this will create a punk in your party along with fun.
  3. Food: keeping good food id very essential for a birthday party or any party because what the guests talk about is nothing but food. Try initializing the party by distributing treats to the guests while they come followed by starters and then the main menu.Also a proper presentation in the right cutlery is important for you to make the party much better. Because food is mandatory you must try to include good and drinks to be served according to children’s choices because they are the ones to eat it. If it is an adult birthday party try to include different cuisines with a pop of some traditional food items. Also the most important tip, the food has to be tasty.
  1. Party favor: so while the guests bring you all a ton of wonderful gifts and wishes you ought to greet and thank them for visiting your home and you need to present it through return gifts or something like this.Select a small bag and fill some treats, and a pack of some kiddy stuff or something that can replace a return gift. This will surely end your party with a wide and happy smile on several faces.