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Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Pictures

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967 to a working class family in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. After high school, she worked as a fitness instructor until she was “discovered” at a Canadian football game. Anderson, wearing a form-fitting Labatt’s tee shirt, was broadcast over the stadium’s giant screen. She was then hired by Labatt’s to appear in their advertisements. An offer from Playboy soon followed. She would go on to appear in five more issues of the magazine.

Anderson parleyed her modeling success into a series of bit parts on television programs. She got her first big break in 1991 as the “Tool Time Girl” on the sitcom Home Improvement. While there, she attracted the attention of casting agents from Baywatch, who were looking to replace Erika Elaniak, the shows then-current blonde bombshell.

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Pictures

Anderson’s 1995 marriage to Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee captured persistent media attention. They couple had two children, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger. However, the marriage was continually fraught with controversy, including an incident in which stolen honeymoon tapes of the couple having sex were broadcast over the Internet.

The personal tragedy failed to derail Anderson’s year-long romance with rapper Kid Rock. The two married on July 29, 2006, on a yacht near St. Tropez France. In November 2006, it was announced that Anderson miscarried. A few weeks later, she filed for divorce from Kid Rock, citing irreconcilable differences.

Anderson married Rick Solomon in 2007. The marriage was annulled a couple of months later. She re-married him in January 2014 but called it quits in July.

Pamela Anderson and the related plastic surgeries…


  1. Breast Implants: in order to get a sumptuous look, Pamela had breast implants. Her breasts look much rounded and well in shape but they are just too big and that the change is prominent enough.
  2. Nose job: when you see the Pamela’s nose you when you compare it you get to see a difference in yeh nose structure. This is because of the nose job, one can see a pointed end and a reduced nose gap.
  3. Lip Job: Pamela is in her 40s but is as glamorous as a teenage girl. If you see her lips you get to see that they are now in shape and very plump, that is she now has a perfect lip size and construction and that is merely because of the surgery she has had.
  4. Cheek fillers: on comparing her before and after pictures you get to see that there’s a new shine and plumpness in  her cheeks. This is all due to the cheek fillers she has add that gives a plumpy look.

The above speculations are not merely speculated because on comparison of her before and after pictures you will get to know the difference.

The route to plastic surgery to get a radiant skin might be easy but then the unnatural features you acquire are just indifferent and that it gives you a completely unnatural look that you can’t imagine.

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Burt Reynolds And The Plastic Surgeries

Burt Reynolds

Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. was born on February 11, 1936, in Lansing, Michigan. His mother was a head nurse who encouraged her son to read while his father was an army colonel who later became police chief. Reynolds attended Florida State University on a football scholarship. After being drafted by the Baltimore Colts, he suffered a career-ending injury and turned to drama, eventually winning a scholarship to the Hyde Park Playhouse.

In 1957, Reynolds received his big break after he appeared in a New York City Center revival of Mister Roberts and subsequently signed a television contract. With regular roles on Riverboat, Gunsmoke, Hawk and Dan August, he became a familiar face to TV audiences. With his film career waning in the mid-1980s, Reynolds returned to the small screen with the popular sitcom Evening Shade, for which he won an Emmy in 1991 and a Golden Globe in 1992. He also served as a recurring director for the series throughout its run, with Reynolds working behind the scenes on a number of screen projects throughout the decades.

Burt Reynolds And The Plastic Surgeries

Reynolds was previously wed to comedienne/actress Judy Carne, and later enjoyed romance with singer Dinah Shore and his Smokey and the Bandit co-star Sally Field. While also having great respect for Shore’s unflinching kindness, he would eventually acknowledge how much he missed Field and express remorse over not being more committed to their relationship.

Reynolds later married actress Loni Anderson in 1988, with the two divorcing after a few years in a volatile, financially costly split. The couple also adopted a son, Quinton. Despite his box office success, Reynolds has struggled with a host of monetary woes, having declared bankruptcy in the mid-1990s and eventually selling off his Valhalla mansion in Florida. In 2009 he underwent back surgery and a year later had quintuple bypass surgery.

Burt Reynolds and the related plastic surgeries…..


Burt Reynolds is a famous actor and has been popular for his great contributions to the industry. Talking about Burt undergoing the knife we  get to see a remarkable difference in his facial features. He in past has agreed to the fact that he has had under eye surgery due to certain medical reasons,  but there are certain other changes which are prevalent.

  1. Botox Injections:  he has got a perfect and a very well defined skin with absence of any frowning lines or wrinkles and all his face is well in shape after he has had the surgery done.
  2. Facelift: a facelift is usually the one which complements botox injection application in order to complete the look and make the features more versatile he has had it and the results are great where you cannot see any saggy skin. The facelift has completely pulled his skin.
  3. Eyelid surgery: Though he has agreed that he has had the surgery before but when you see his eyes specifically his upper eye lids you can observe that some work has been done. There is an unnatural look his eyes has and that is definitely because of the eyelid surgery.

Kim kardashin Plastic Surgery

Who else would it be, when you are talking about “Hot Bod”, yes you surely guessed it right it’s none other than Kim kardashian. She stole several shows and all thanks to her confident and enchanting demeanour that’s all because of a curvy figure.

Kimberly Kim Kardashin West, wife of rapper Kanye West and mother of Two babies has always been the matter of house when the debate is on “fittest body”. Kim is an actress, famous television personality, social butterfly, a businesswoman and model.


Before garnering the famous role on Television, it took her years to get noticed. Major reasons of getting initial fame lies in being a friend of singer Paris Hilton and sudden realise of her scandalous Sex Tape with her then Boyfriend.

However, “All is well, when end is well”. These scandalous starts landed her a good role in The Kardashins, audience split into praises and the entire family got their television due and went on with one show or the other. However she believes that her talent is always sidelined as her figure gulps all the limelight.

Possible Surgeries

What else apart from her figure that takes up the limelight is the reason of her super hot body, that’s hard to emulate?

While men croon over her figure, ladies out there are super envious. All this ends up in speculations and rumours that the Diva went under surgeries to enhance her assets and features further. And the way she carries her figure just puts fuel into the dish of rumours.

1. Injections for Butt

One thing about her butt that is known to almost every body is that extravagant Belfie. Her Belfie was no doubt extremely seductive and the perfect size and shape of the buttons not only added more likes and views to it but also the rumours that they are not natural rather augmented.

She even confessed that she took help of injections to get her booty in shape. She has been quite open on this with her fans, she was found saying

 “I went to go get a cortisone shot in my butt. I lived right by [Los Angeles boutique] Kitson. One of my neighbours was a dermatologist at [Cedars-Sinai Hospital].” “I go in there and he’s like, ‘There’s another one in a billion chance that you will get a huge indent in your butt.’ Of course I get a huge indent on my butt.”, during some live streaming. Moreover the size of her bust is not the same as that of what she had when her career started.


 2. Butt lift

Apart from traditional injections,  experts believe she also had some proper surgeries on her bust. Dr Tijion Esho, owner of Le Beau Ideal clinic in Harley Street, was quoted ,”I suspect she has had a Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from areas such as the abdomen and then thigh and then transferred to the bum. This would give a large bottom to waist ratio and would not show up on a X-ray as it’s normal fat.”, to metro. She hasn’t revealed much about these lifts.


Kim has taken several consultations for rhiniplasty but still is not sure that whether she should go for one or not because she is really insecure about her nose. She said to ABC “My nose in my biggest insecurity,The doctor showed me what it would look like. And it just didn’t – I wouldn’t look the same.”

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