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Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lynn Lopez very well known as JLo. She came to earn famous as an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer. Not many know that she started with acting initially but then took a permanent dancer’s job as a Fly Girl dancer. She kept on diversifying her reach from acting to dancing and then finally to releasing her own Music album. The most highlighted achievement of Jlo was being the first woman who just delivered a top album and film in the same week of year 2001.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

The same way her career is celebrated the same treatment is given to her body. Your images play an important role when you want to outshine in the showbiz world. However sometimes they become the medium of speculations and it becomes favourite pass time of people to judge the images of star and spot the differences that are beyond natural. “Booty singer” is well known for her figure because of the natural curves that top the desire list of almost every girl. No doubt we can see that her body is recommendable but is it natural without any augmentation or without any surgeon’s help?Jennifer Lopez images have been bought under the real alot of time to make half true or half false conclusions about the augmentations she might have had.

Possible Surgeries

Her body parts that usually come  under speculations are breast and derriere. The look of her breast and derriere wipes off the speculations building around surgeries rather make it a surety. Several top surgeons do not shy off calling it fake and artificial.A famous surgeon Dr. Back made a bold statement with Radar as, “She’s definitely had her breasts done and whoever did [it] should be congratulated for doing a fine job!”  “She looks like she’s definitely on top of her game.”

1. Breast Job


Her boob job is seen as a need of the hour in her life to bounce back to her career. Dr. Back, a well known cosmetic surgeon made few comments on her decision and appreciated the surgeon who might have done this subtle job.“Nothing about her is overdone. She looks as good now as she did 15 years ago. A lot of celebs should ask her for her doctor’s card,” he said.

“Pictures from the last couple of years showed that her breasts and butt were really deflated and saggy”That’s normal for a mother of her age with two kids.” Dr.Back added while explaining the reason for her undergoing these augmentations. Dr. Back’s centre of target have been her derriere as suggested by his comments, “It looks like somebody gave her a lift with silicone implants. She looks to be a D or DD now.”However Gossip Cop just rubbed off these rumours calling them all fake as she was apparently extremely occupied with other things to undergo the treatment. She had loads of other things to work on like her dance practice, some important events, etc. Amidst all this its almost impossible for one to undergo knife as the recovery needs time and care.


Unlike other Hollywood stars who are speculated of undergoing several surgeries, Jennifer Lopez is only judged for undergoing breast job. Some of her fans support her while others are highly opposed of the decision.