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Kim kardashin Plastic Surgery

Who else would it be, when you are talking about “Hot Bod”, yes you surely guessed it right it’s none other than Kim kardashian. She stole several shows and all thanks to her confident and enchanting demeanour that’s all because of a curvy figure. Kimberly Kim Kardashin West, wife of rapper Kanye West and mother of Two babies has always been the matter of house when the debate is on “fittest body”. Kim is an actress, famous television personality, social butterfly, a businesswoman and model.


Before garnering the famous role on Television, it took her years to get noticed. Major reasons of getting initial fame lies in being a friend of singer Paris Hilton and sudden realise of her scandalous Sex Tape with her then Boyfriend. However, “All is well, when end is well”. These scandalous starts landed her a good role in The Kardashins, audience split into praises and the entire family got their television due and went on with one show or the other. However she believes that her talent is always sidelined as her figure gulps all the limelight.

Possible Surgeries

What else apart from her figure that takes up the limelight is the reason of her super hot body, that’s hard to emulate? While men croon over her figure, ladies out there are super envious. All this ends up in speculations and rumours that the Diva went under surgeries to enhance her assets and features further. And the way she carries her figure just puts fuel into the dish of rumours.

1. Injections For Butt

One thing about her butt that is known to almost every body is that extravagant Belfie. Her Belfie was no doubt extremely seductive and the perfect size and shape of the buttons not only added more likes and views to it but also the rumours that they are not natural rather augmented.She even confessed that she took help of injections to get her booty in shape. She has been quite open on this with her fans, she was found saying

 “I went to go get a cortisone shot in my butt. I lived right by [Los Angeles boutique] Kitson. One of my neighbours was a dermatologist at [Cedars-Sinai Hospital].” “I go in there and he’s like, ‘There’s another one in a billion chance that you will get a huge indent in your butt.’ Of course I get a huge indent on my butt.”, during some live streaming. Moreover the size of her bust is not the same as that of what she had when her career started.


 2. Butt lift

Apart from traditional injections,  experts believe she also had some proper surgeries on her bust. Dr Tijion Esho, owner of Le Beau Ideal clinic in Harley Street, was quoted ,”I suspect she has had a Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from areas such as the abdomen and then thigh and then transferred to the bum. This would give a large bottom to waist ratio and would not show up on a X-ray as it’s normal fat.”, to metro. She hasn’t revealed much about these lifts.


Kim has taken several consultations for rhiniplasty but still is not sure that whether she should go for one or not because she is really insecure about her nose. She said to ABC “My nose in my biggest insecurity,The doctor showed me what it would look like. And it just didn’t – I wouldn’t look the same.”