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5 Most Scandalous Love Stories Of Celebrities

Love is a great feeling that can work miracles: change the world and people, heal the wounds of the soul and create new ones, rock the world and give tranquility. There are 5 scandalous love stories that have shattered the world.

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 Most Scandalous Love Stories Of Celebrities

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad and Angelina were called the most beautiful couple in Hollywood. And they really were. They appeared in public, holding hands, and in their numerous interviews, they often confessed their love to each other. During the life together the couple brought up six children - three biological and three adopted. However, the family idyll wasn’t destined to last long. Soon the whole world found out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had divorced. The break-up brought them much pain and suffering. But, despite all the difficulties, they managed to bury the hatchet.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

After meeting Katie, Tom Cruise literally shone with happiness. He was ready to tell about his feelings to the whole world. As a couple, they first appeared in public in 2005, and a year later they had a daughter, Suri. Lovers celebrated the wedding only seven months after the birth of the baby. Then the happy Katie Holmes hasn’t yet known how Tom's passion for Scientology would affect her. In less than five years, the couple announced their separation. Katie said that one of the main reasons for the divorce is the commitment of her husband to the religious teaching of Scientology.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Before the relationship with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez experienced a real personal drama - Ben Affleck left her on the eve of the wedding. Recalling that period of her life, the singer admits she felt exhausted and broken. The old friend and musician Marc Anthony helped her to restore the taste for life and faith in love. The couple spent a lot of time together, making plans for the future and soon decided to get married. In 2008, in their family appeared two charming twins – Max and Emma. But the real test for Jay Lo wasn’t the maternity, but her husband's habit of controlling every step she took. This led to a divorce after seven years of marriage.

 Most Scandalous Love Stories Of Celebrities

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Amber Heard attracted the attention of Johnny Depp during the filming of the movie "The Rum Diary". Then the actor couldn’t even imagine that he would soon cast in lot with this girl. For her, Johnny broke up with Vanessa Paradis, leaving two children and memories of fourteen years of marriage. Johnny showered Amber with diamonds and soon proposed to her. After the wedding, their relationship changed dramatically - Amber began to pay less and less time to her husband, and Johnny, being afraid of losing his beloved, accommodated all her whims. In May 2016, the press reported that Amber and Johnny decided to divorce. The scandalous divorce exhausted Depp so much that he compromised his career. At the same time, Amber Heard continues to attack the ex-husband with lawsuits.

Guy Ritchie and Madonna

Guy and Madonna lived in marriage for eight years. During this time, the couple gave birth to a son and adopted a child from Malawi. But, even though their love story started with music, Madonna and Guy didn’t manage to retain feelings. Recalling her relationship with the ex-husband, Madonna often confessed that they barely managed to withstand each other. The divorce process of celebrities was slightly less scandalous than that of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.