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Chat in the Park

August 31, 2008

Gathering in the Park--Suspended For Now


Why Have the Gatherings in the Park Been Suspended for this Time?


Though the hope and belief is that these gatherings provide important support for those who need an 'infusion' of hope, encouragement, acceptance and's been a challenge to provide the adequate kind of liability insurance for such a gathering.   We care about you, your children and this event.  Therefore, we remain committed to providing the best environment (with the best protection) that we possibly can provide for you.

Stay tuned....if these gatherings are held in the future, YOU will be informed with enthusiasm and joy!

Please send your questions about God, the Bible, faith and your requests for advice to: [email protected]

July 29, 2008

August Park Gathering

The next Life Change Community park gathering will be Saturday, August 30th @ 4pm at Conejo Park in Thousand Oaks. 

Stay tuned for video of Brad's message from the July 26th gathering.

What is Chat in the Park?

Twice, nearly 50 people have gathered in the shade of trees at Conejo Park, for encouragement and support through the struggles of life.  LifeChangeCommunity is a ministry to help people who cannot yet believe that God outrageously loves them AND that those same people can have a fresh start with God.

The park provides a safe, monthly setting for some Bible teaching and then open discussion.  The tone of the meetings has been kind, safe, and hope-filled.

Join us, the last Saturday of each month for this informal gathering.  4:00 pm. Conjeo Park at the corner of Janns Road and the 23 Freeway behind the Library and Teen Center.

July 26, 2008

Chat in the Park - Gathering Today!

Saturday, July 26th. 4:00 p.m.  Conejo Park on the northeast corner of the 23 Freeway and Janns Rd in Thousand Oaks. We meet by the fountain. Bring a lawn chair and drink. Playground close for kids. It's a one hour experience of hope, assurance and encouragement.

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