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The Most Heart-Piercing Love Stories Of Celebrities

Beautiful and incredibly interesting love stories can be found not only in screen novels and books but also in real life with date single women. So, we chose the most exciting love stories of famous celebrities.

The Most Heart-Piercing Love Stories Of Celebrities

David and Victoria Beckham

The famous football player first noticed Victoria long before their first meeting. He saw her in the video "Say You'll Be There" of the band Spice Girl, in which the girl was for a long time. After some time, Victoria, at the invitation of her friend, got to a football match, where she and David could already meet each other in person. It was love at first sight! David still stores a ticket for the match, on which Victoria wrote her phone number. Now the couple lives happily and brings up four children.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

This story is like a fairy tale about Cinderella! Kate Middleton was born into an ignoble family: her father Michael is a representative of the middle class, and her mother is a native of the Harrison miners from Durham County. Prince William belongs to the royal nobility, but they were meant to be together at the University of St. Andrews. At first, the young people were just friends and denied rumors about romantic relationships, but Western media immediately noticed that it was not just a simple friendship, but rather a love.

Only after the time, the rumors were confirmed, and the couple stopped hiding the relationship. The girl had been waiting for a marriage proposal from her loved one for a long time, and almost 10 years later it happened! In 2010, the Buckingham Palace officially announced the engagement of Kate and William. They were married at the end of April 2011, and in July 2013 gave birth to the first child - Prince George. Two years later, the second child appeared in the family - the little girl Charlotte.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

The American actor and producer met his true love when he was over 50. It's amazing that Michael and Katherine were born on the same day, September 25, but with a difference of 25 years. They met in 1998 at a private dinner after the screening of the movie "The Mask of Zorro." Michael fell in love immediately and forever. The conqueror of many women's hearts was embarrassed and blushed in the presence of the proud beauty, like an inexperienced youngster.

In June 1999, they declared themselves a couple, and on December 31 Douglas proposed to her. Michael and Catherine have two children, Dylan and Caris. There were difficult periods in their relationship - Michael fought with laryngeal cancer, Catherine dealt with depression. They even parted for a while, but contrary to the rumors of divorce, they are still together.

Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde

The love story of Hawking and Jane Wilde is a truly powerful and frank love that has proved to the whole world that feelings can overcome everything, even the most terrible disease. Relations between Stephen and Jane began shortly before the young man was diagnosed with a terrible amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which led to paralysis. But Jane wasn’t afraid of the disease, and in 1965 the couple celebrated a wedding. Nobody knew how long the lovers had, because doctors predicted Hawking to live even less than several years. But love won over the medical conclusion: Jane and Stephen lived together for 25 years until 1995, when they announced a divorce. During this time, the couple gave birth to three children - a daughter and two sons.